Practitioner Spotlight: Jess Evans

At Portland Healing Space we know that hands on healing through body work, energy work and acupuncture is powerful. We also know how important it is to fulfill our role as practitioners through the examples we set in our lives.

When we are present in healing our own hearts and minds, we are able to bring that evolution into our practice and the work we do with our clients. We believe that allowing ourselves to shine inspires and nourishes others. This can be just as healing as touch or talk. When we walk the path of our own medicine, we share these gifts with the world.

We're excited to share this month's practitioner in the spotlight who graciously embodies these principles: Jess Evans!

What brought you to Portland Healing Space?

I was searching for a new place to practice Massage and Bodywork that had the integrity and intention that matched my own. My hunt brought PHS owner, Danielle Lombardi, into my life! It continues to be a beautiful fit.

Can you tell us about your dancing and how this informs your massage practice and vice versa?

I have been dancing for 15+ years. Dance was my first study and my first profession before I went into the healing arts. Dance and Bodywork weave into and through me, complimenting and informing the other endlessly. There are infinite ways to move and infinite ways to heal, and they are often one in the same.

Jess is performing this month at push/FOLD. Established by choreographer Samuel Hobbs, push/FOLD originates from the need for human growth, and to provide high caliber art, health, and movement education to our communities through classes, workshops, and performances.

You said that you moved to Portland deeply seeking what it means to be well in one's body and spirit. What did you discover?

Awaken from fear. Awaken from story. Awaken from attachment and expectation. Awaken into Love. Awaken into Freedom. To be Awake, more and more, this is what I have found to inform being well the most. 

What do you think is the main reason people get massage?

Pain. Whether that pain stems from a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalance is part of my curiosity and work. Also, the basic and profound need to be touched with care. 

Do you have any favorite massage techniques you find you use on your clients?

Getting into and freeing up the tissues that cross through and make up the axilla area (the armpit). I find this to be informative for people and can provide relief and openness to the scapula and upper back, which makes up our tender and fierce Heart Space. 

What are your top 3 tips for people to remember between massage appointments?

  1. Move Mindfully, throughout your normal daily movements, with practices like Yoga that encourage us to bring our minds into our bodies with non-judgment and curiosity. Take the time to shine the flashlight of your mind into the dark and unexplored or the painful and uncomfortable places in your body. The process of healing is there.
  2. Get sleep, drink water and eat food like it is medicine (because it is).
  3. Be kind to yourself. So, so kind.

What is Portland's best kept secret?

Currently, some of my favorite proper nouns in this city that deserve all the attention are Seastar Bakery, Design By Goats, & Pistils Nursery; wild fermented baked goods, beautiful graphic design and wood prints, and plants!