Tracy Broyles

Core Energetics Practitioner

TRACY BROYLES believes that deep transformative healing occurs where body and consciousness meet. How present we are determines how fully we can access our own healing energy. Tracy actively explores how mind and emotion impact the physical during Core Energetics sessions. 

Portland Healing Space practitioner, Tracy Broyles offers Core Energetics to build strength, grounded presence and flexibility – both emotional and physical.

We carry with us feelings a reactions to our past, present, and - in the form of will and intention - future. Our unfinished business builds up, making our physical form the densest layer of our energetic anatomy. Doing Core Energetics with body, emotion and consciousness creates a direct pathway to healing old wounds. With healing comes grounded, alert presence. With healing come expanded possibilities of what the future may hold.

In her Core Energetics sessions, she employs a combination of talk, hands-on bodywork and movement. Her goals with clients are to open your energy system, help you move through trauma, emotional blocks and pain, and access your authentic self. 

Tracy is a certified Pilates instructor and will soon complete her three-year training to become a Core Energetics counselor. She has received first and second-degree Reiki attunements, and holds a BA in Dance.