Spirit-based Healing

Spiritual healing is for people who want to explore spiritual, physical and emotional healing through Divine Love. During sessions, your practitioner, Matthew Schulman, LMT, holds space as a channel for the Angel Gabriel to work directly on clients to facilitate healing on all levels. Gabriel presents to him as a presence of Divine Light, faith, and unconditional love and the space held is to promote healing through connection with his presence. These sessions work with the spirit, body and emotions as a unified whole to help create the deepest possibility of change. 

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Heal Your Spirit

This is the Journey of the Soul that leads to the realization of unconditional love and connection with Divine Source. This work helps dissolve painful emotions and limiting perceptions, allowing for a deeper sense of love, connection and meaning in life. As people grow this way there is a deep awakening of personal empowerment, grace and acceptance of personal experiences, and a tangible experience of Faith and awareness of Spirit.

Heal Your Emotions

Emotions are the basis of our personal and individual experience of life. When they are allowed to move and flow with ease, our lives feel rich and full.  When we become attached or overwhelmed with painful emotions, our lives become painful and our spirits heavy. Emotional healing clears our heavy and dense emotional energy and allows deep changes in our experience of ourselves, our lives, and the people we love. 

Heal Your Body

The human body is an energetic vessel that is affected by our physical environment, emotions, and the spirit. Physical pain is often a result of long held energetic and emotional blockages such as fear, judgment, disappointment and other emotions that are the result of unprocessed traumas. Pain can also have purely physical origins such as injuries, postural/functional imbalances, inflammation and congenital conditions. When re-vibration of the physical body is paired with therapeutic body work, body function can be restored and pain relieved.

The primary focus of these sessions is to work in connection with Gabriel, but therapeutic body work is also included much of the time. The modalities used include: deep Swedish massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and visceral massage. The physical treatment supports the deeper energetic changes by releasing tension, aligning the joints, and offering connection and support through intentional physical touch.

Sessions are held in a space of complete non-judgment and privacy. The only purpose is to uncover the beliefs and emotions that are holding you back and help them integrate into your wholeness so that you can move forward with your life. Each session takes about two hours. Sessions include time to talk about what you wanting to focus on, the work itself, and then time for Matthew to tell you about what transpired as well as answer any questions you have afterwards.  

Before starting work with new clients, there will be a free phone consultation to answer any questions you may have and to help you understand more deeply how this kind of healing works.