Holistic Skin Care and Esthetics

If your skin could speak, what would it tell you?

Most of us have been taught to treat our skin topically to beautify the surface of ourselves. What if we replaced the emphasis on beauty, with health? What if we considered our overall health to address imbalance presented in the skin? Or better yet, what if we treated ourselves as a whole and watched as the glow of vitality increased in our skin. At Portland Healing Space our approach to skin care is through optimal health. We encourage our clients and patients to look beyond what is applied topically, and make daily home care for the skin look more like a healthy lifestyle, rich in self care and connection to nature. Holistic Skin Care - We believe this is the first step towards acknowledging your own unique source of beauty.

Our Esthetician, Neva Osterloh, is committed to guiding you through the often overwhelming selection of products, ingredients and their claims, and assist in identifying your face and body’s true needs in order to simplify home care. With each treatment of the skin, we look inward, through the superficial tissues to uncover the source of imbalance and begin the healing process. Strongly rooted in herbal and Eastern medicine, our facial treatments offer a holistic approach for a wide range of presentations from hyperpigmentation to inflammatory conditions. In addition, recommendations can be made to extend your treatment to include Acupuncture, herbal remedies, or Naturopathic Medicine as appropriate.

With the aid of varied modalities and tools raging from ancient to modern, we’ll provide your skin with exactly what it needs in each treatment.  Portland Healing Space has selected Evan Healy’s impeccably created and sourced herbal skin care line as our official face and body care line to provide our patients with the absolute healthiest products whether they are at home or in treatment. With the knowledge she’s gathered over twelve years of industry experience, Neva will work with each of you to create a simple yet effective self care regimen for home that keeps your skin healthy and keeps you confident and happy.

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Skin Care Services


Deep Glow Facial

The ultimate indulgence for skin and spirit, this facial allows for deep treatment of the skin and in addition, time for soothing massage, aromatherapy and detoxification. You’ll emerge feeling an incredible health boost to match your radiant glow. Each session is altered to include different healing modalities depending on your skin's unique set of needs at the time of treatment. The Deep Glow Facial includes a nourishing herbal poultice mask, Ultrasonic Exfoliation, a customized facial massage to increase circulation and soften fine lines, and an aromatherapeutic compress with pressure point massage of the feet to help you ground down before reentering your day.

90 Minute Treatment, $115

Shine Bright Facial

Keeping your skin in a balanced and comfortable state allows for the best overall health benefits. Our focus with this lovely treatment is to do just that. The Portland Healing Space Shine Bright Facial delivers a restorative blend of vitamins, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients and Omega-rich oils to aid in nourishing and correcting a broad range of skin concerns. With ingredients rooted in ancient healing, customized facial massage, and a tension-melting hand massage your skin will be strengthened, balanced and bright.

60 Minute Treatment, $85

Spirit Lift Facial

Enliven your spirits with this condensed introduction to the world of skin care at Portland Healing Space. Prioritizing your skin’s foremost area of need, the Spirit Lift Facial will leave your skin feeling invigorated and nourished. A gentle sloughing of the dead skin cells you no longer need, followed by applications of herb-infused oils and nutrient rich hydrosols, facial massage, and warm aromatherapeutic compresses - all to help you float through the rest of your day.

30 Minute Treatment, $45

Teen Self Care Session - 11-17yrs

This treatment is all about easing stress and establishing positive self care habits that will last a lifetime. Between the ages of eleven and seventeen our bodies begin shifting in ways that can be difficult to anticipate. Possibly the most challenging are the changes we notice in our skin and hair growth. Encouraging the young to be gentle with themselves and their skin, and to be consistent with simple daily hygiene during this time is essential for their emotional well being and well as the health of their skin. It’s our hope to give this age group a confidence boost, encourage awareness of self, and to bring comfort in cases of adolescent stressors.

Please contact our Esthetician for more information!

30-45 Minute Facial + 15 Minute Self Care Session, $65

Skin Care Add-Ons


Bright Eyes Treatment: $30.00

Evan Healy Scalp Treatment: $20.00

Face & Neck Cupping: $35.00

Herbal Neck & Decollete Treatment: $30.00

**Skin care add-ons can be added on to any facial and massage treatment.**

Tinting & Waxing Services

Brow Shaping - $25         

 Brow Tinting - $22   

Brow Shaping & Tinting Combo - $42 

Lash Tinting - $25   

Lip Wax - $12              

Chin Wax - $12       

Cheeks or Neck Wax - $12 

Underarm Wax - $24  

Half Arm Wax - $22

Full Arm Wax - $34 

Half Leg Wax - $38

Full Leg Wax - $45

Back Wax - $45

Bikini Wax - $40

Extended Bikini Wax - $50

Brazilian Wax - $65  

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