Jess Evans, LMT

Massage Therapist

JESS EVANS came of age on the misty, windy Southern Oregon Coast. She moved inland to study dance and humanities and earned her Bachelors of Arts in Dance in 2008. After six years of dancing and teaching professionally nationally and internationally, Jess moved to Portland deeply seeking what it means to be well in one’s body and spirit. Studying massage therapy and bodywork felt an extension of dancing, a beautiful and profound experience of listening to our body’s stories and moving forth from new plains of understanding. She graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2013 and has worked in several wellness venues since.  

Jess finds herself enraptured by her clients' infinite complexities of being. Honoring the mysteries of how we are showing up in this world at any moment and what needs either to be reinforced or let go of is approached with a commitment to acute presence, curiosity and loving intention. This is the cornerstone for facilitating the processes of growth and encouraging walking in joy and ease. Her work acknowledges elements of Zen Shiatsu, deep tissue techniques, sacred geometry, myofascial release work, craniosacral therapy and Tui Na.

Jess fills these brimming days tending to her blossoming Massage & Bodywork career, drying her hair by biking, co-directing and dancing with SubRosa Dance Collective, seeing how many necklaces she can get away with wearing at a time, and digging in deep to the colorful earth of wellness and wild freedom.