Jess Evans, LMT

Massage Therapist

Jess Evans studied Massage and Bodywork Therapy at East West College for the Healing Arts (2013) followed by the study of Zen and Quantum Shiatsu. Knowing the Body as the vital housing for our Consciousness and our Soul informs her life and her work both as a Bodyworker and as a Dancer/Movement Artist (BA in Dance 2008). Her work addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of how we are engaging with our life, how that may be showing up in our bodies as pain and dis-ease, and how we can notice and inhabit this discomfort in order to heal and move in our lives with increased freedom.

Myofascial, Structural, and Deep Tissue engagement with the soft tissue structures in addition to the multi-dimensional and centering arts of Zen and Quantum Shiatsu make up the majority of her bodywork practice. Her knowledge and study of dance and movement arts lends itself to feeling into the subtleties of her client’s bodies and offers insights into how her clients can animate their bodies in constructive and rehabilitating ways.