NEVA OSTERLOH joined the Portland Healing Space family after practicing for over twelve years in the wellness and spa communities. A majority of those years have been spent here, falling in love with ­­the environment, plants and people of the Pacific Northwest. Neva is passionate about promoting and practicing self-care, which she defines as living a whole and balanced life, and about sharing what she learns with others.

This passion led her to deepen her studies in esthetics and bodywork as authentic expressions of holistic healing. Both provide powerful tools for addressing whole being health. She tailors treatments to each client’s specific needs and gives her clients the self-care tools they need for their continued care and wellness. In skin care and massage sessions alike, Neva cultivates a peaceful, healing sanctuary where her clients can relax, receive and be nourished.

Portland Healing Space practitioner, Neva Osterloh, offers both massage and skin-care services.

Neva’s approach to massage is gentle, compassionate and deeply present. She specializes in a deep and flowing style to provide both a therapeutic and relaxing treatment, and is influenced by Thai medicine and massage techniques. Neva enjoys working closely with her clients to identify the pressure and approach best suited to each body.

With her esthetics practice, Neva works with every client, regardless of age, skin type or condition, to create a more loving relationship and sense of understanding between her client and their skin. Though she specializes in sensitive skin, acne and other inflammatory conditions, Neva believes the skin is a window in to our internal world and that everyone will benefit from learning how to decipher, and appreciate, its messages. When selecting a product line to best suit her work, her clients, and the Portland Healing Space community, there was only one that met her standards. Evan Healy skin care is an incredibly unique herbal skincare line with a conscience. Developed by an Esthetician educated in herbal studies and chemistry, their products are highly effective on both the skin and spirit, bringing you closer to nature, and thus the source of beauty in us all.

When not in the treatment room, Neva enjoys quiet mornings, reading self care books, attending herbal medicine lectures, practicing yoga and spending time in the forest.