Naturopathic doctors are uniquely equipped to help their patients navigate the landscape of healing. Trusted advisers in integrating healthcare options, perspectives, and modalities, naturopathic doctors provide clarity and support.

Naturopathic medicine is based on five simple principles:

  • First of all, to do no harm.
  • To act in cooperation with the healing power of nature.
  • To address the fundamental cause of disease.
  • To heal the whole person through individualized treatment.
  • To teach the principles of healthy living and preventive medicine.

Naturopathic doctors listen to their patients and individualize treatments. They know that true cure is much deeper than the temporary reduction of symptoms.

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**IMPORTANT** Naturopathic appointments must be made for the top of the hour. (i.e. 1pm, 2pm)

Please note, that your appointment may be canceled or changed if other times are selected. If you have trouble scheduling or have questions, please call us: 503-894-9437

Meet Our Naturopath

Licensed as a primary care naturopathic doctor, Raina Lasse received her four year post-baccalaureate medical training here in Portland at the National College of Natural Medicine. She has been in private practice for over nine years. In keeping with her role as general care practitioner, she treats everything from fatigue and insomnia, to anxiety and digestive complaints.

Learn More About Naturopathic Treatments

What can I expect from visiting a naturopath?

A typical naturopathic visit lasts 30 minutes to one hour, and includes a detailed intake, physical exam, medical diagnosis and, if needed, lab testing and diagnostic imaging. Naturopathic doctors use a variety to tools to assist their patients in rebuilding physical, emotional and spiritual well being. The following is just a sampling of the tools commonly used.

  • Lifestyle Counseling: Exploring what motivates behavior and creating empowered choices to create balance health.
  • Functional Medicine: Research-based biochemical and metabolic support.
  • Homeopathic European Biotherapeutic Drainage: Effective, gentle detoxification for process oriented restorative healing.
  • Flower Essences: Emotional integration and balancing.
  • Herbal Medicine: Using herbs to support organ function.
  • Homeopathy: Holistic system of medicine operating under the law of similars.
  • Nutritional consultation.

How do I know what supplements to take?

High quality supplements offer focused nutritional support. Are your current supplements right for you? Consult with your naturopath to find out. 

What is the role of nutrition in naturopathy?

Naturopaths regard food as medicine. They frequently recommend foods that simultaneously treat and prevent chronic disease.

Out of all the doctors I could choose, why see a naturopathic physician?

It is the goal of naturopathic medicine to reach beyond symptom removal to address the underlying cause of the illness. This type of healing is designed to last a lifetime.

As Hippocrates says, “Let your food be your medicine.”