Massage Therapist & Spiritual Healer

MATTHEW SCHULMAN offers deep tissue, orthopedic massage, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral massage, peri-natal massage and spiritual healing. He specializes in problem-solving complex pain conditions through an integrated body-mind-spirit approach to healing.

Portland Healing Space massage therapist, Matthew Schulman, brings extensive knowledge of massage modalities and energy healing to every session.

He has spent decades studying and practicing hands-on healing arts, taoist yoga, kung fu and meditation. Along with his practical and spiritual training, he has studied anatomy, physiology and kinesiology extensively. Matthew's therapeutic massage work focuses on the connective tissue of the body. He also offers spiritual healing sessions which frequently combine energetic healing with bodywork. His work is an expression of all of his learning and experience distilled to meet the needs of each person he works with.  

On a more personal note, Matthew likes to share with others what major roles both spiritual and holistic medicine have played in his life. As a youth he faced many physical and emotional challenges. As a child, asthma, severe allergies and chronic upper-respiratory infections landed him in the hospital no less than six times per year. He was treated - with limited success - with daily use of steroids and periodic use of antibiotics. As an adolescent, he developed abdominal pain from undiagnosed food sensitivities as well as chronic body pain. Throughout this time period he experienced uncontrollable fits of anger and social anxiety. 

In hindsight, Matthew regards this emotional volatility as the result of unresolved health and pain challenges, long-term steroid use and the unrecognized development of his spiritual sensitivities. Over a decade of treating the body in isolation simply didn’t work. Only when he embarked on martial arts training, emotional healing and energy work did things look up. Within 18 months of adopting these holistic body-mind practices, Matthew got off of all medications and experienced an eighty-percent reduction in pain. Since then with daily practice, educated lifestyle choices, and regular body and energy work treatments, he’s gone 12 years without needing further medical treatment. As Matthew sees it, he learned to balance his emotions and energetic awareness. The journey to this balance is the gift he offers you through his spiritual healing sessions.

In his free time, Matthew dances Argentine Tango, reads fantasy novels, cooks, camps, keeps up with his martial arts practice and volunteers in the kitchen at Outside In. As part of his service with the homeless youth community, he will donate $5 of each appointment in 2017 to Outside In. This organization is an amazing resource for young people in need.

It is amazing to see what can happen in the healing process. There is a gift in every challenge, a chance to see the balance of life, and to understand our fundamental desire to feel whole and to feel loved. The process restoring our health, or in some cases accepting what we cannot change, heals the spirit with the body and can be a doorway to seeing the beauty of life.
– Matthew Schulman