Core Energetics™ Counseling

When we commit to becoming aware of what is, we cultivate what can be. - Tracy Broyles

Core Energetics is a form of body-centered counseling developed by John Pierrakos and practiced worldwide. This counseling modality uses the body as roadmap to discovering blocked and stored trauma. Often a movement, impulse, thought or emotion gets trapped in the physical body, over time creating discomfort, pain or illness. We call these patterns of defense. Unfortunately, the very patterns that once protected us eventually suppress our physical vitality and relationships. Core Energetics focuses on releasing them so we can enjoy deepened relationships with Self and others.

During a session, your Core Energetics practitioner helps you connect to your emotions and higher intentions. In the process, you discover where you are blocked and how to move stuck emotional and physical energy. Core Energetics calls on talk therapy, dynamic use of breath and the movement, therapeutic touch and energy techniques. 

Over time you - with your practitioner - build the skills to integrate and enhance all aspects of yourself. Doing so clears the way for vibrancy, joy and aliveness.

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